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My name is Nicole Marie, and I own Tease + Tonic Beauty Lounge, a sweet and cozy salon suite in the heart of Campbell.

I believe that pure beauty lies within, so I've made it my mission to help bring all that beauty to the surface!

We deserve to shine from the inside + out.

I believe in our individuality and that self-love and self-care are the foundations of inner peace; let's find them together! 

Where beauty never fades!

Summer Detox

Did you know? Our water lines can be packed with toxins and heavy metals that wreak havoc on your hair and scalp! From dullness to irritation, these sneaky culprits can seriously cramp your style. But fear not!
Say goodbye to unwanted build-up and hello to luscious locks with our K18 full-service chelating + bond repair treatment.
Let's detoxify and revitalize your hair and scalp, giving you the healthy, vibrant look you deserve.

The lounge awaits...

Love is in the hair...

I'm here to help make your wedding hair dreams comes true!

Are you tired of "hair wash" day...?

I've got you covered...
Check out my one of a kind blowout subscriptions! 

Just Breathe

you're safe here

Tease + Tonic is a safe and peaceful place for comfort and relaxation. If you choose, I can assist you in slowing down, focusing on your breath, and finding inner peace. This guidance is optional, however, intentional breathing can bring many benefits such as balanced blood pressure, improved deep sleep, reduced feelings of trauma, stronger respiratory function, better immune system, and a decrease in stress hormones. I have personally experienced these benefits and highly recommend giving it a try!

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