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Coffee with Friends

Hello new friend


Ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for you at Tease + Tonic is my top priority. To help guide you through the site and make you feel at home even before we meet, I have set up this new guest roadmap.

Image by Liana Mikah

Signature Services

Below, you'll find descriptions of my most popular services to use as a guide when booking your first visit. Click any photos on this page or the button below to be directed to my booking site and filter to "New Guest" services. 


All services include a full consultation, a luxury shampoo experience, and guided breathwork upon request.


Grey Camouflaging

Blending Grey with High/ low lights

This service suits the guest looking to blend (not cover) grey hairs with either high or low lights, usually using a babylight technique to achieve a very natural blend. The result is effortless grey camouflaging with a soft grow out experience.
Maintenance time is typically between 6 + 12 weeks.

2.5+ hours



Global Dimensional Color

All over color + highlights

This service is for the guest looking for a custom all over color with low maintenance brightness around the face. The result is a high dimensional, healthy + lustrous global color with extra sparkle framing the face. Maintenance is approximately 5-8 weeks with options for an "Express Root Touch up"or a "Global Full Color" for cost/ time efficient maintenance options. 
Starts at $395
3+ hours


Grey Camo

Lived-in Blonding

From sparkles to full balayage

This service is for the guest looking for low maintenance global lightening with a lived-in, seamless grow out experience. The result is healthy, sparkling hair with high contrast framing the face and melting into the ends. 
For cost/ time efficient maintenance, this service pairs well with the  “Gloss + Treat” or "Express Highlight" mini services between full Balayage service (6-12 weeks). 


3+ hours



All new guests looking for a haircut will experience an enhanced consultation, a luxe shampoo, an Olaplex conditioning treatment, a custom designed haircut, all tied together with full style guidance and product recommendations. This experience leaves the hair fully rejuvenated, promoting bounce + luster.

Maintenance varies from 4-8 weeks


75 mins

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